The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM) is partnering with Capgemini to commence a first of its kind mapping of contract management software in the market today. The reason for commissioning this report is that this market has seen a massive explosion over the last few months in terms of innovation and diversity of solutions.

Advanced technologies are about to transform the way that trading relationships are formed and managed. This report will provide objective, complete and much-needed information on the tools which are available, their primary capabilities and where they are best utilized in an organization. This is an evolving field and executive management needs to be aware of what is out there; using this report, our members will be in a position to advise and lead the change.
Tim Cummins, CEO of IACCM

“Technology is and will continue to be the primary enabler for Commercial & Contract Management departments and is a lever for efficiency, compliance and value maximization. By issuing this report, we target providing our colleagues and customers with useful information to inform their selection of contract management tools.” 
Isabelle Roux-Chenu, Head of Capgemini Group Commercial & Contract Management & Senior Advisor to the Group Chairman & CEO

 “We have seen a movement away from ‘one-stop-shop’ tooling in contract management and greater innovation and diversity in the vendors available to buyers. It will guide users on how to select these tools for more efficient results.”
Craig Conte, Head of Capgemini’s Contract Compliance & Optimization practice (CCO)

The final report should be available in H1 of 2018 and findings will be presented at the various IACCM conferences next year. 


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